Retractable, Interactive, Rope Tug of War Dog Toy

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XiaZ Retractable Interactive Dog Toy, Rope Tug of War Toys for Medium or Large Dogs, Outdoor Hanging Exercise Play Tug War, Extra Durable, Safe

Brand: XiaZ

Color: tug of war rope


  • MUSCLE BUILDER – Dogs love the pulling, swinging, and tugging action that spring pole provides. As a solution we designed our interactive hanging bungee toy that gives your canine friend countless hours of fun & keeps him/her safe! Medium and large puppy can play tug-of-war with the strength of the outside layer, and when they let go, the ball toy launches off for them to chase down like a game of fetch.
  • EASY TO HANG – Our new design help you hang this sturdy toy easily by yourself in minutes. You simply toss the bungee cord over the strong tree limb, loop it and pull it snug. Then easily attach the rope and ball toy at the desired height for your size of dog. The tether tug toy is great for aggressive chewers because you can adjust the height so your furry friend can’t sit and chew on the toy constantly. Just make sure you have an attachment point like a tree limb 10 to 12 feet up.
  • SAFETY FIRST – We love our pets! One of part is the bungee cord that is the action part of this toy and creates the force, We protected this from over pulling and breaking by covering it with polyester weave that your dog can pull to their hearts desire without breaking. This bungee is protected from your dogs teeth by keeping it up in the air.
  • NEW DESIGN – XiaZ tough dog toy is carefully handmade to last and hold up to 260 pounds (120 kg). What is more, We have widened the tree straps to protect the trees. Diameter is 5MM. Our tug toy comes with detailed USER MANUAL so it’s super easy to use. Caution: Always supervise.
  • Multiple Uses – You can hang it from a tree branch or wood beam under your deck, or wrap it around a tree. Chew toy made of durable polyester, but not a an indestructible chew toy. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, we offer you a full refund, no questions asked!

Details: Great for Game for Dog Play! *Life gets busy! We all wish we could play with our dogs as much as they want us to, but sometimes we just can’t or don’t have as much energy as they do. The rope toy is a great toy to fill in the gaps when you can’t be playing tug of war or fetch with your dog. Let them outside and watch them run to their favorite toy and burn off some of that energy they have. It is a great way for them to get some good exercise that dogs need. What’s Inside? *This is everything that you need for your dog to start loving the outdoors with or without you at home. *Long durable bungee that hangs in a tree or other strong connection point. *Height Adjustment Rope to easily adjust hanging height between 10 to 12 feet up. *Strong rope ball that is removable and replaceable. Take it off for some fetch if you would like. *Instructions.


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