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Dog Rocks – Prevent Grass Burn Spots by Urine 200g – Save Your Lawn from Yellow Marks – 3 Pack

Brand: Dog Rocks


  • Is it safe – Dog Rocks are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rocks mined in Australia. It’s an all natural treatment solution for burn marks and yellow spots caused by your dog’s pee. It won’t affect the pH balance of your dog’s urine and can also be used by your other pets too.
  • Are there side effects – Our top priority is to give your pet a urine neutralizer that won’t have any side effects on them. Unlike any other grass saver products, Dog Rocks will not cause urinary tract infections, bladder stones or any harm apart from a greener-than-green grass.
  • How will it help my lawn – The main reason your dog’s pee is burning your grass is the concentration of the urine and the amount of nitrogen in the urine. Dog Rocks act as eliminator, absorbing nitrates in your dog’s water and a preventing solution, allowing your lawn to repair itself.
  • How long will it work – Within 3 to 5 weeks of continuous use, you should start a notice of change in your yard’s appearance. The brown spot or yellow marks start to disappear and your grass is getting greener and healthier.
  • Long lasting and affordable solution – In every 200g of Dog Rocks, just place them in your dog’s water bowl with half a gallon of water. Dog Rocks are effective for up to 2 months making it a budget friendly product for you and for your lawn too.

Publisher: Dog rocks

Details: Dog Rocks are all natural, safe Australian grass saver and lawn treatment solution that helps prevent your yard from burn marks caused by dog’s urine. It acts as a neutralizer and filter out impurities in water, such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates.. The impurities are generally passed out through urine. When they come in contact with grass, it results in grass burn, typically a dead yellow patch of grass. Dog Rocks make the water source cleaner for your pet and remove grass marks. Water without impurities from Dog Rocks will actually help your pet to fertilize your lawn. Your grass will start looking greener and fresher in no time at all. Dog Rocks have absolutely no harmful side effects to dogs, and even if your dog shares his bowl with the cat or other pets within your household, it is fine for them to drink this water too. There is no change to the pH balance to either of your pet’s urine, so it is naturally safe.. Dog Rocks are a naturally mined product so the rock sizes may differ from every pack, but the weight of each pack is always consistent. There are usually 1-3 rocks per pack. One pack of Dog Rocks will last you for two months and need to be replaced after. Please note that the rocks from one pack or 200g need to be added to a half gallon of water in your dog’s bowl.. It is important to make sure that your pet drinks solely from this source of water, as any other water that they drink will not have been filtered by Dog Rocks, and will therefore reduce the benefit of Dog Rocks. Top off the existing water in the bowl everyday rather than replace the water. Change the water when the dog is least likely to consume large amounts of water.. With Dog Rocks, you and your dog will enjoy beautiful, greener than ever grass without worrying about yellow, brown and burn marks all over your lawn again.


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