Interactive, Tug Of War With Suction Cups Chew Toy

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QPQEQTQ Upgrade Suction Cup Dog Toy – Pet Moloar Bite Toy for Chewing,Teeth Cleaning, Tug of War, Interactive, Squeaky, Feeding – Non-Toxic, Durable Interesting Dog Toys (Fit < 50lb Dog, Blue+Purple)


Color: Blue+Purple


  • 💓【QPQEQTQ New Product】: The toy ball and suction base of the dog suction cup toy are made of food-grade bite-resistant materials approved, ensuring the safety of your pet. The rope is made of the same material as the bulletproof fabric, so it is not easy to be torn or broken. Tip: our toys are not indestructible and are not recommend for aggressive chewers.
  • 💓 【Super suction】: Double suction cup design, enhance suction effect, can withstand greater pulling force. Tip: The suction cup base can only be used on a smooth, clean floor or glass door. It is not suitable for use on wooden or rough floors, which will cause the suction cup base to not suck the floor correctly.
  • 💓【Take Care of Dental Health】: There are various dental health problems during the growth of puppies, and this dog sucker toy has a 360 ° rubber granular cleaner and a double-layered sharp tooth cleaning structure, which can be used as a daily molar toy, which is effective Clean your dog’s calculus, tartar and bad breath, and protect your dog’s oral health.
  • 💓【Interactive Dog Toys for Boredom】: When you are not at home, your dear puppy will feel lonely, I think you are worried, right? The newly upgraded dog sucker toy can be firmly adhered to smooth surfaces such as glass and tiles. The design of the built-in small bell can attract the dog’s attention, effectively help your dog release excess energy, reduce the dog’s boring time and Desire to destroy furniture.
  • 💓【Pets Are Also Our Family】: maybe our life is more than one pet, but the life of pets is only us, so I hope that when your pet does not like our products, please remember to contact us, we are willing to help you Pet replacement or refund products.

Details: Brand: QPQEQTQ Sales Scope: pet supplies, pet toys Quality Assurance: Better quality than other sellers’ products Customer Service Team: to provide customers with high-quality after-sales service to solve all customer queries Service Tenet: We provide customers with a 100% refund service guarantee, so that customers can worry-free shopping Contact Information: Contact us through the purchase order number, we look forward to contacting you 🙂 Please Search for The Brand: QPQEQTQ You will get more high-quality pet supplies and pet toys


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