Anti-Skid Silicone Dog Food Mat with Stainless Steel Feeder

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Sequoialake Dog Bowls with Anti-Overflow and Anti-Skid Silicone Dog Food Mat, Stainless Steel Feeder Easy to Clean for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Pets

Brand: Sequoialake

Color: Dark Grey


  • 1. Perfect size Sets including:2 * stainless steel dog bowl + 1 * pet feeder mat. S:Bowl 3.9”Diax1.2 H, mat 14.2×8.1×1.4″, capacity 200 ml (7 oz),For cats, teddy, bibear, bomei, myna, chihuahua, yorkie, other small dogs and animals, a bowl can be used for many years, no need to replace the big bowl after they are growing up, we can save money at the same time.
  • 2.Durable material: SUS304 stainless steel dog feeder is fitted with food grade silicone mat to ensure the health of the pet while resisting falling and durable. pets will attracted by the colorful bowl, it’s thick and bite-resistant and BPA-free, it can bear dog’s bite even the naughty husky, changing the dog’s destructive eating habits.
  • 3. Practicality: pet set bowls can hold the main grain, dishes, canned food, snacks, give the dog a variety of choices and keeping hot food and pure water. bowls are detachable so that It is convenient to replenish food in time. It also allows you to feed two pets at the same time for healthy eating.
  • 4.Easy to clean:Metal dog bowls are not easy to produce food residues, easy to clean, they can be quickly washed or wiped clean, dishwasher safety. the bone-shaped silicone dog bowl mat has a lip that can catch excessive filling and water overflow, effectively preventing the dog from flipping it when eating, keeping the floor clean, reducing the carpet cleaning service and saving efforts for you.
  • 5. Application scope: Make pets more fun in the process of eating, suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. It’s also available for various types of dogs such as Husky, Alaska, Golden Retriever, Teddy, Samoyed, Pomeranian, French Bulldog, Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.

Details: The attitude towards eating is the attitude for thelife. Most of us willthink it’s a simple thing to raise a dog before we feed it. Isn’t it ? we will say it’s no difficult atall, just make them eat well & three times a day, All of us thinkas that But is it reallyso simple to raise a dog? You will knowhow to love and look after them only when you started your pets life We need pay moreattention to dog’s health, hygiene , their food and their living environment. If you reallycare about your dog and safety, this pet bowl feeder is definitely a smartchoice! Designed forcats and dogs, grab all the confusion and create a comfortable and pleasantdining experience for them! A nice bowl isthe first step to show your love to them. Watching catsand dogs eat quietly, you will be full with a sense of happiness! Tips: please wash the bowl as soon as possibleafter the dog finished eating to prevent the residue from attracting mice,cockroaches, ants, or too much food left spoiled by the sun and rain or leadcorruption.


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